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This super detailed die cast, combat painted and fully assembled UH-60 Black Hawk model features precision engineering, with 85% steel and 15% plastic construction. It includes landing gear, rotating rotor blades, opening troop doors and engine covers, removable extended hardpoints for missiles or fuel tanks, this aircraft is true to the real thing. This model is painted in the dark olive drab consistent with CARC paint which is resistant to chemical warfare.  At 1:48 scale, the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopter measures approximately 16.22″ x 3.43″ x 3.31″ (not including rotor).


In 1990, over 1,000 Sikorsky Black Hawk Helicopters were involved in the early staging of Operation Desert Shield and Iraqi Freedom. The Black Hawk proved its mettle by hauling troops, equipment and supplies throughout the complete theater of war. Black Hawks carried special operations forces deep into Iraq, evacuated the wounded and captured, deployed artillery and rescued downed air crew. It also participated in the longest Air Assault in history during Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Black Hawk was deemed one of the most reliable aircraft platforms during all of Desert Storm.

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