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We strongly recommend coming to our gallery to obtain a custom figure quote. Face to face is the most efficient manner to conduct our interview process, share reference photos and even allow us to show you specific examples in our stock similar to your equipment to help us create the most accurate rendition of your soldier possible.

Unfortunately that is sometimes impossible due to geography or other reasons beyond our control. For those cases we offer our custom figure quote service. Service cost is $20 covering a detailed review of your pictures and any correspondence that must be prepared to clarify questions. When you decide to order your figure the $20 will be applied to your figure.

We apologize for having a service fee but after preparing numerous quotes with no response we must ensure inquiries are serious so we are as efficient as possible with our time.


1. Gather all information (pictures and packing lists) necessary.

2. Select and Pay for a Custom Soldier Quote. You will be charged a $20 nonrefundable service fee that will be credited to your order.

3. E-mail your photos, packing lists, special requests and questions to We never publish photos sent to us for obvious reasons. PLEASE READ THE FAQ SECTION AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PREVIOUS PAGE. THEY WILL ANSWER THE MAJORITY OF YOUR QUESTIONS. 4. ONCE THE ABOVE IS COMPLETED I WILL E-MAIL YOU A QUOTE AND A LIST OF EQUIPMENT FROM THE INFORMATION PROVIDED. 5. E-mail your approval or details I may have missed. Include a phone number and best time to call. I will contact you to confirm your shipping address, credit your custom quote charge to your figure and provide you an ETA on your custom soldier. NOTE – The balance on your figure is due 30 days before we ship it and you have a 100% money back guarantee if the figure does not meet your satisfaction.


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