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Diecast metal model of the M113A3.  You can choose to display the vehicle with or without stowage racks and gear.  The model measures 2.5” x 2”.

The M113 APC was the first modern “battle taxi”; developed to transport infantry forces on the mechanized battlefield. The main armament is a single .50 Cal heavy barrel machine gun. The M113 is built of aircraft quality aluminum.  It possess some of the same strengths as steel at a much lighter weight. This weight advantage allows the M113 to use a relatively small engine to power the vehicle, as well as carry large payloads cross-country. The vehicle is capable of “swimming” bodies of water.

Today, most infantry troops are transported in M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicles but the M113A3 still provides protected transportation and cross country mobility for almost all other troops on the mechanized battlefield. Weighing 27,200 pounds, it can carry up to 11 personnel, a vehicle driver and track commander. It has a sustained speeds of 41 mph on level roads and can accelerate from 0 to 35 mph in 27 seconds (this compares to 69 seconds for the M113A2).

The latest version of the M113 is the M113A3 equipped with the A3 RISE (Reliability Improvements for Selected Equipment) package. The new X200-4/4A hydrostatic steer transmission permits use of a more powerful engine, the 275 HP turbocharged Detroit Diesel 6V53T, and eliminates the transfer case and controlled differential. The RISE powerpack increases fuel economy, acceleration, hill climbing speed and braking capabilities.  The vehicle can maintain speed through corners by accelerating the outer track rather than braking the inner track as on the A2. The horsepower increase allows installation of an external armor kit (increasing vehicle weight to 31,000 lbs.) and provides mobility comparable to the M1 tank and M2/M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles.

An automotive-type steering yoke and foot brake arrangement improves driver control, lessens fatigue and simplifies driver training versus the A1/A2 steering/braking laterals.

The addition of spall suppression liners and locating the fuel tanks externally, on the rear of the vehicle increases crew survivability. The inside of the vehicle (sides, roof and rear) are covered with spall suppression liners limiting troop injuries from spall should a round penetrate the hull. External fuel tanks add 16 cubic feet of space inside the vehicle and reduce the crew compartment fire hazard.

The M113A3 also includes a number of vehicles that have high speed digital networks and data transfer systems.

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