NAR T2 Triage Card by Major Elf


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Finally, 1:6 Scale Modern Custom Medic, PJ, EMT Gear!  1:6 scale NAR T2 Triage Card to authentically equip combat medics, 18D’s (SF Medic), PJ’s or combat lifesavers.  This is a must have item for any medic and/or to outfit your own authentic aid bag.

SALT (Sort » Assess » Lifesaving Interventions » Treatment/Transport) is the new Standardized, All-Hazards Mass Casualty Initial Triage System developed by an expert panel convened by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), This group was also supported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and endorsed by ACEP, ACS-COT, AMA-NDLS, ATS and STIPDA. SALT is designed to be utilized for all patients (adults, children and special populations) and allows agencies to easily incorporate it into their current MCI triage protocol through simple modification. Its use will decrease confusion when multiple agencies respond to disaster incidents..These cards are used for mass casualty events and disasters to categorize and prioritize casualties.  

This listing is for ONE NAR T2 Triage Card (but you can order more).  THIS ITEM WILL NOT BE RE-STOCKED ONCE IT SELLS OUT!

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