Custom Figures

Welcome to our “signature” product.

Perfect gift for the person that…

has everything?
is difficult to purchase for?
just graduated, promoted, returned or retired? 
Miniaturize your favorite hero and give them a gift of a lifetime!It is very difficult to find a soldier a unique gift that communicates one’s appreciation for their accomplishments and/or service. We provide our clients the perfect solution. We make custom one-of-a-kind heirlooms of museum quality. These ultimate mementos capture in 1/6 scale (12” tall) your soldier, his specific patches, rank, name etc. and all the details of a soldier’s equipment. Items like specific weapon configuration, body armor, pouches, how equipment is secured, rifle rack number and even the ring on his finger can be included. Just look at the some of the work below.

SUBMIT YOUR ORDER BY NOW!!! IF YOU WANT DELIVERY BY CHRISTMAS!!! We have time to get about a dozen orders complete and shipped before Christmas. Each figure requires a tremendous amount of effort to ensure that the detail and quality our customers expect is achieved. We don’t negotiate on quality. Our goal is for each customer to be more than satisfied with their mini-me. If the delay is unacceptable we will be happy to provide you a refund.

NEWS, NEWS, NEWS! We are now featuring our most asked for custom figures. These serve as good examples of what we can do.

PLEASE READ the FAQ section at the bottom of the page. It answers the most frequent questions (e.g. cost, information required, wait times).

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