About Us


Who We Are, Our Story and What We Do

Since I was a child I always wanted to be a soldier and gravitated towards anything military.  I built models as a child, read a lot of history and was an avid collector.  During my 20+ years of service as an Infantry officer I didn’t have a lot of time or room to pursue those childhood fascinations but my office and home featured some cool pieces reflecting my personal experiences.  They were personally comforting and fun to display while starting many a conversation or “war story”.  It wasn’t long before friends were asking if I could get them a similar model vehicle, helicopter or paratrooper and word  traveled.  The Soldier’s Place was born.

Starting from a table in the PX we’ve come a long way serving Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen, Coasties and 1st Responders.  Along the way we’ve gathered some highly qualified veterans including Infantrymen, Rangers, Special Forces, Airmen and Military Law Enforcement who have become our friends and are consultants so we can provide the best and most authentic service possible.   We can say over 90% of what we do is soldiers serving soldiers.

We have done individual projects for PFCs to three star Generals and are proud to serve them all.  We have earned regional and national awards for our creations which have been displayed in numerous Military Headquarters and Museums to include SOCOM, The Infantry Museum and a couple of JSOC units we won’t mention.  We’re very honored to have been able to satisfy a need for those distinguished customers.

The point is we want to help you commemorate your service and strive to put together unique mementos and heirloom pieces that you can proudly display and are worthy representations of your service.  So come in, make yourself comfortable.  Suggestions and questions are always welcome.

We are vet owned and operated. 


The Gallery’s phone number is 706 221 0729.

For an often QUICKER response e-mail me at rfi@thesoldiersplace.com