French Airborne 1er RCP 11th Airborne Brigade “Bruno”


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The 11th Airborne Brigade is a volunteer force of around 8,000 troops and one of the oldest airborne regiments, with a history dating back to their formation in 1943. Their primary mission is emergency deployment at short notice in any theatre of operations. Members of the 1er RCP are highly trained professionals committed to upholding the reputation of their brigade.
This very unique French Airborne figure sports accurate camouflage, uniform, body armor and beret with insignia specific to France. These parts as extremely rare since so very few French figures were ever produced. Selling the parts individually from this set could easily double or triple the asking price. This is a great value!

This figure includes:

Life like headsculpt on a highly articulated body

French Uniform in temperate camouflage pattern
Super detailed & complete French Modular Assault Vest **
Ammo & miscellaneous pouches
Flocked Maroon Paratrooper Beret w/Authentic Badge **
French Helmet

FAMAS Rifle!**
Removable grenade Launcher & Bayonet
Flare and HE 40mm rounds
M9 Pistol


**Unique or rare parts

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Dimensions 14 x 10 x 4 in